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Phát hành: 25 Jun, 2013

The „World Hunter Pack” is the third downloadable content pack for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. This multiplayer-centric expansion contains four all new maps for both Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch modes.

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Phát hành: 26 Mar, 2013

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Siberian Strike is set in an isolated Siberian location and will offer a more open world experience for solving missions. Players will not be guided and the only way to find their way through the new location is by using the map.

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113.000 đ

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The Special Edition IncludesSOUNDTRACK - An official Soundtrack from the game’s musical scoreFOUR EXCLUSIVE PLAYABLE CHARACTERS FOR MULTIPLAYER: MARINE TEAM LEADER - US Army Ranger, an elite member of the United States Army. Tough, capable, deadly. As their motto goes, ‘Rangers lead the way!

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