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DLC của game SteamWorld Heist

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Phát hành: 7 Jun, 2016

Captain Piper stumbles upon a new ally with a past shrouded in mystery. Dive into the action and take on new missions with brand-new weapons, gear and a shipload of hats!

70.000 đ
26.000 đ

Phát hành: 19 Sep, 2016

A lively bunch of hats that will surprise you with a life of their own. They’re cheaper than coffee, and certainly taste better!

43.000 đ
16.000 đ

Phát hành: 27 Jun, 2016

Steam Powered Giraffe did music for SteamWorld Heist! Rabbit, The Spine and Hatchworth make an appearance in the game, as themselves, entertaining their fellow robots in-game with their catchy tunes!

120.000 đ
56.000 đ