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DLC của game PAYDAY™ The Heist

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Phát hành: 18 Oct, 2012

The long wait is finally over - PAYDAY: The Game Soundtrack is available for purchase! Immerse yourself in the world of PAYDAY by listening to the adrenaline pumping tunes of our favorite career criminals Dallas, Hoxton, Chains and Wolf.We’ve held back on nothing in this release – it’s...

58.000 đ
54.000 đ

Phát hành: 7 Aug, 2012

PAYDAY™ The Heist Wolfpack is the much anticipated, first DLC pack for this action filled FPS that lets players take on the role of hardened career criminals in constant pursuit of the next 'big score'. Load out with an array of brand new weaponry including the new pistol, automatic rifle,...

120.000 đ
113.000 đ